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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


For us at Inco-Drilling, all starts and ends with the safety of people and operations, maximum positive social and environmental impact with the highest quality of service.

Inco-Drilling’s present and future business success depends on offering quality services to reach satisfaction of our customers in a safe manner.
We do this while protecting people and the environment.

We focus on:

  • Working safe to assure human safety of our personnel, our clients and our contractors; 
  • Quality of our services; 
  • Protection of the environment where we work;
  • Measuring our performances to support continuous improvement of our processes;
  • Inco-Drilling is committed to the highest ethical business standards and compliance with the laws and regulations where we operate;
  • Inco-Drilling does not obtain any business advantage through any illegal means.

We are committed to:

  • Protect the safety, health and security of our people at all times;
  • Meet customer’s requirements and exceed their expectations;
  • Minimize our environmental impact;
  • Work together to analyse hazards and control or mitigate risks to a minimum and acceptable/ appropriate level;
  • Not being impaired by, use or trade of any alcohol and drugs on Inco-Drilling’s or our customers’ premises;
  • Report any non-conformances, unforeseen hazards or risks and incidents;
  • Eliminate quality non-conformances and HSE accidents;
  • Set QHSE performance objectives, measure results and re-asses to improve;
  • Promote Stop-Work authority;
  • Not accept, nor provide gifts or more than token value from any company or to an individual that does business with Inco-Drilling;
  • Not paying, offering, or authorizing anything to any company or government or political parties and organizations in order to influence the award of a business or gain any business advantage;
  • Work with and towards each other, our customers, and colleagues on a base of respect and equality;
  • Offer a safe, creative, healthy and positive work environment for all people, free of any form of harassment and/or intimidation;
  • Communicate this policy with our clients, contractors and the societies where we work.

For this purpose Inco-Drilling has established and implemented a Quality Management System according ISO 9001 requirements.

Inco-Drilling demands the engagement and accountability of all its employees and contractors to this policy.