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About us

Inco-Drilling provides Directional Drilling Services focused on applying fit for purpose technology with a highly skilled and competent team, to achieve cost effective solutions for Geothermal, Oil & Gas and Gas Storage projects.

  • Our experience in these new energy markets, allows to navigate our way in this new, and often challenging, landscape.
  • Transparency is an important factor for us, and we will provide clear reasoning on solutions, with no hidden surprises.
  • Inco-Drilling remains independent, and we are not tied to one specific vendor or supplier. This allows us to choose the best solution based on performance and cost.
  • Inco-Drilling provides a personal commitment as we are heavily invested in every well we drill, as each is critical to Inco-Drilling’s overall success.


Inco-Drilling was established with the objective to support the development of energy by offering smart, efficient and effective solutions in the field of directional drilling.
Since its establishment in 2017, Inco-Drilling has been trusted by customers on the delivery of geothermal, mining & gas storage and exploration wells in Europe.

Track record

Based on its track record, the team of Inco-Drilling has showed that our team:

By analyzing natural formation tendencies, tailored BHA assemblies to optimize build and drop rates, minimizing sliding intervals. For instance, in Rotterdam, our approach resulted in motor assemblies sliding for only 7% of the time in intermediate sections, showcasing our efficiency in adapting to geological conditions.

By drawing on extensive expertise in Europe, we select drilling parameters for superior directional control. Precision flow rates prevent hole washouts in unconsolidated North Sea Sands, enabling successful kick-off operations even in large hole sizes from shallow depths. Our proficiency extends to achieving drop rates facilitating the placement of S-shaped wells.

We offer tailored solutions for optimizing drilling practices, addressing challenges in various formations. This includes selecting appropriate bits to combat balling in clay-rich sections, managing time-dependent Vlieland clays with optimal fluid systems, and reducing torque & drag through strategic use of stabilizing reamers to minimize Lost-in-Hole liabilities. Additionally, we specialize in mitigating shocks and vibrations in high-friction chalks.

We prioritize the selection of fit-for-purpose technologies that offer both cost-effectiveness and optimal results. One notable example is our successful validation of motor drilling in wells with inclinations of up to 65 degrees, dispelling previous assumptions that such wells could only be drilled using motorized rotary steerable systems. This demonstration underscores our commitment to leveraging innovative solutions that deliver efficient outcomes while maintaining cost efficiency.


As a result of the combination of solid engineering, project analysis, experienced personnel and reliable technology within a robust quality management system, Inco-Drilling has built a solid track record as an independent company.

Independence & Transparancy

At Inco-Drilling, we take pride in our independence, allowing us to focus solely on delivering tailored solutions to our customers needs. Free from external influences or affiliations, we have the freedom to prioritize the best interests for our customers. By understanding their specific challenges and objectives, we consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. This independence is the cornerstone of our commitment to transparency, personal service, and expertise. We are proud to collaborate with technology leaders who contribute to our succes and vision.

Personal commitment

  • Discover the difference: We prioritize your needs from the start, ensuring every project begins with a comprehensive consultation tailored to your goals and aspirations. What sets us apart? We do not just understand your needs – we actively incorporate your insights into every phase of our work.
  • Stay ahead with KPI tracking: We measure and monitor key metrics like drilling efficiency, safety records, and environmental impact, ensuring transparency and reliability every step of the way. Safety is our top priority, and our proactive approach means identifying and addressing potential hazards before they arise.
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority: Your feedback guides our continuous improvement process, building dynamic relationships based on transparency and trust. Our commitment to your satisfaction is what thrives the business.

Around-the-clock support

Because drilling operations do not stick to a 9-to-5 schedule, neither do we. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to address any challenges or issues, ensuring we are there whenever you need us. Experience the difference with Inco-Drilling – your dedicated partner for sustainability, success and unparalleled service.