Diana Tronco

Founder and Managing Director

Diana has more than 15 years experience with Schlumberger and Baker Hughes in the USA and Europe holding several technical to commercial positions. Her field roots in cost efficient markets like the USA, underlines the efficient and cost effective solutions needed in this current market.
She holds a Bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering from ITESM and an MBA from the Technology University of Munich in Germany.

Andrew Hardaway

Operations DIRECTOR

Andrew has more than 30 years experience in Drilling Services with Halliburton in the Middle East, Russia and Europe. His inspection and standards background together with his significant contribution on the improvement in each area’s R&M he was responsible for, provides the assurance to our customers for high quality equipment and services.
Andrew has a proven track record of successfully planned, engineered and drilled wells worldwide which brings an unique solid expertise to Inco. Andrew holds a Bachelors in Mechanic Engineering from the Charter University in the UK.


Our directional drillers and MWDs are among the most competent and skilled engineers, trained by O&G service majors.
Their field experience range from vertical, to deviated and horizontal extended wells for the O&G, geothermal, gas storage and mining applications. Offshore & Onshore. From worldwide to local experience in European countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, France, Romania, …
They all have current industry required certifications, medical examinations and HSE trainings.