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We provide Directional Drilling Services focused on operational excellence and cost effective solutions

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We provide Directional Drilling Services focused on operational excellence and cost effective solutions

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We provide Directional Drilling Services focused on operational excellence and cost effective solutions

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Established in 2017, we have the objective to support small and medium sized operators by decreasing drilling costs through operational excellence and cost efficient technologies.

We believe on geothermal energy as the key component to complement wind and solar for a realistic carbon neutral future.
Our objective is to make geothermal energy as cost competitive as fossil fuels.
Recent studies from the European Union1 and local governments, show that about 50% of the overall geothermal project costs are associated to drilling. Thus, drilling has the highest potential for making a project economically a success but also the highest risk of making it a failure.
At Inco-Drilling, we:

  • use simplistic but effective and proven approach for well designs
  • deploy fit for purpose technology
  • deploy competent and highly experienced personnel

By doing so, we have been providing operational excellence to our customers; making the difference towards the positive development of geothermal energy.

Gas caverns are used to store energy. Cities or companies use them as a buffer to be able to meet sudden energy demands.
Gas storage caverns require relatively shallow drilling of about 1000m in either deviated or vertical wells.
We have been supplying our customers with fit-for-purpose technologies that have replaced expensive high-end equipment; obtaining the same results in terms of time but with more than 50,000 Euro savings per well and reducing costly lost-in-hole liabilities for more than 1 Million Euro.

Gas is especially a cleaner form of energy than coal yet in the last 5 years, the oil and gas industry has suffered two major downturns. Every time operators around the world are being forced to reduce their costs.
Inco-Drilling has offered an alternative to operators by lowering drilling costs without risking the quality of services.
Worldwide renowned companies have chosen Inco-Drilling among the typical O&G service majors and have kept working with us.
We have completed projects around Europe, from vertical wells to highly deviated wells where even conventional motor assemblies have performed within hours of difference than more expensive solutions.
But of course, an individual company contribution, will not be as good as when all the service companies perform.

Our Projects

In just 3 years after our establishment, we have achieved an outstanding track record and a solid performance, but the most important achievement is: happy customers that have chosen us among the giant O&G service companies and have kept working with us.

From our initial geothermal projects in the Netherlands, to wells drilled in Austria, Germany, the UK and France: We are becoming the preferred supplier of directional drilling services across Europe.

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Upon review of each project, we advise our clients with the best and most cost effective technology. Inco-Drilling uses industry proven technology and highly reliable equipment. All inspected according to industry standards before and after each deployment.

We deliver an integrated Drilling Solution from bit to jar.

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MUD motors & rss



Jars & drilling enhancement


We use industry leading software for well planning services, engineering requirements, such as:

  • Well Planning
  • Anti-Collision
  • Hydraulics
  • Torque & Drag

Our Well Engineering Team has more than 30 years of expertise world wide and in the European market with proven track record of successfully designed wells

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Lets build the future of energy together

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