Through our worldwide expertise and our industry leading well engineering software, we provide:

Comprehensive Well Path Planning
Full range of easy to use 2D & 3D well planning methods including:

  • Dogleg Tool Face
  • Build and Turn
  • Optimum Align using Curve-Hold-Curve or Curve-Curv
  • Line up on Target at specified inc / azi,
  • One click S-Well and Slant Well construction
  • Supports multiple target geometries including:
    • Simple 2D circular and Elliptical
    • Point & Rectangular
    • Complex 3D multi point Polygonal
    • Create Drillers Targets based on error models, well trajectory & required confidence
    • Supports advanced well planning for all applications; from simple vertical exploration wells to complex multi-laterals

Anti-Collision Analysis

  • Perform anti-collision scans using industry leading proximity detection algorithms
  • Calculate ellipse of uncertainty (EOU) using full range of ISCWSA MWD and Gyro error models
  • Error outputs and Centre to Centre distances validated against ISCWSA standard well paths to < 0.1% error
  • Anti-collision scans can be run interactively during planning and drilling phases on multiple actual wells / plans
  • User defined warning criteria and alerts can be set to notify of potential collision risk
  • Casing and hole diameters can be included in separation factor calculation in order to increase accuracy. Especially important for top hole drilling with large diameter surface casing.
  • Ability to create custom Instrument Performance Models (IPM)
  • Error output sigma level can be selected by the user
  • Advanced anti-collision visualisation tools available including:
    • Ladder Plot
    • Separation Factor Plot
    • Travelling Cylinder Plot

Wellbore Visualization

  • Fully customisable, advanced and powerful 3D plotting capability
    • Plan View (Top Down) Plot
    • Section View (Side On) Plot
    • 3D Plot
    • Spider Plot with interactive TVD slice control
    • Azimuth Comparison Plot (Azimuth vs MD)
    • Inclination Comparison Plot (Inclination vs MD)
    • Dogleg Comparison Plot (Dogleg vs MD)
  • Print directly to multiple image formats including PDF / jpg / bmp / png.
  • Copy directly to clipboard allowing images to be quickly added to word, excel & PowerPoint documents
  • Wall Plot Composer (WPC) allows the user to create customisable wall plots which can include data tables.
    • Pre-defined plot sizes range from A0 to A7 with a user defined option also available.

Geomagnetic Modelling

  • Includes World Magnetic Model (WMM) and International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) model as standard
  • Supports British Geological Survey Global Geomagnetic Model (BGGM)*
  • Supports High Definition Geomagnetic Model (HDGM)**
  • available only to full HDGM license holders


  • User defined reports include:
    • Standard Survey reports
    • Geographic Survey reports
    • Anti-Collision reports
    • Ellipse of uncertainty (EOU) reports
  • Exports to fully customisable PDF and Excel reports

Additional UI Features

  • Copy & Paste – Very quick and easy to add large surveys to the software – copy and paste directly from excel or txt files
  • Export files can be generated quickly at any level on the database tree
  • Quick and easy to create and switch between new databases

Torque and Drag Analysis

  • Latest soft string model with stiffness correction factor
  • Model Viscous Drag, additional side force due to buckling & Contact Surface Correction
  • Conservative (Unloading) & Standard (Loading) Helical Buckling Models
  • Calculate T&D for multiple rig operations simultaneously Tripping In / Out, Rotating On / Off Bottom, Sliding and Reaming
  • Ability to model for both pumps on and pumps off and account for string differential pressure
  • Calculate Sinusoidal and Helical buckling limits
  • Full support for casing, liner, tubing & drilling assemblies
  • Full support for complex 3D directional wells
  • Friction factor sensitivity analysis for unlimited number of friction factors, or single calculation
  • Models casing flotation / drill string fill
  • Friction reduction devices (Non-rotating drill pipe protectors) can be modelled
  • Calculates expected pipe stretch and torque induced pipe twist
  • Elemental (snapshot) view available for all calculations
  • Calculate side forces & casing wear for all operations
  • Drill string fatigue prediction
  • Real time data can be modelled & displayed alongside the calculated data in order to back calculate real time friction factor
  • Actual and apparent WOB and overpull calculations, visualize how much overpull / WOB is experienced at the bit for a given value seen at surface. Useful for determine trip / overpull margins and for setting packers & liner hangers
  • Casing Standoff & Centralizer Spacing Calculation. Use to optimise standoff and achieve proper zonal isolation
  • Ability to model expandable liners including max pull, pull at cone, expected expansion hookload as well as outer & inner string running loads
  • Ability to model different materials such as Aluminium, Titanium as well as steel
  • Model the effect of casing centralisers / stabilisers

Hydraulics Analysis

  • Support for multiple hydraulic models:
    • Bingham Plastic
    • Power Law
    • Herschel Bulkley
    • Robertson Stiff
  • Calculated Outputs:
    • Standpipe Pressures
    • ECD: cuttings loaded and clean hole
    • Surge and Swab
  • Complete set of hole cleaning outputs:
    • Annular Velocity Profile
    • Cuttings Carrying Index (CCI)
    • Cuttings %
    • Minimum Flowrate required for good hole cleaning (sensitivity analysis for ROP)
  • Options for single calculation or sensitivity analysis for unlimited number of flowrates and tripping speeds simultaneously
  • Full support for riser-less / dual gradient drilling
  • Split flow modelling for complex BHAs with multiple hole openers / under reamers / circulating subs
  • Incorporate data gathered at the well site into the hydraulics model and overlay the real-world data and the theoretical hydraulics model
  • Enter multiple pore pressures & fracture gradients and plot against modelled data
  • Surge and swab calculations can be calculated for any reference:
  • Bit
  • Casing Shoe
  • Bottom Hole
  • Any User Defined depth
  • Surge and swab model can also include the effects of pipe acceleration, gel strength, coil tubing operations such as continuous tripping and continuous circulation
  • Model the effect of stabilisers and casing centralisers
  • Quick bit hydraulics calculator, determine bit pressure losses and impact force without having to setup a complete project

Survey Correction Module

  • Correct raw MWD surveys for Z axis magnetic interference with latest short collar correction (SCC) algorithm
  • QC raw MWD surveys for G total, B total and SCC with user definable limits
  • Multi Station Analysis (MSA) can be used to calculate an optimal bias and scale factor for XYZ magnetometers and accelerometers
  • Option to include inclination weighting on least squares fit (LSQ) calculation
  • Well path magnetic interference analysis; calculate the expected error in azimuth for a given amount of non-mag spacing. Fully supports intermediate steel above and below the MWD sensor or both
  • Optimise the non-mag spacing requirements and determine the best survey correction method for a given well trajectory / BHA.
  • Full support for the following Survey Calculation Methods:
    • Minimum Curvature
    • Radius of Curvature
    • Tangential
    • Balanced Tangential
  • Supports survey interpolation for both MD and TVD, results can be exported to text or Excel

SAG Correction & BHA Analysis

  • Survey SAG correction algorithm, to correct survey inclinations for BHA deflections
  • Can model bent motors and rotary steerable systems
  • Rotary BHA modelling to aid in build / walk rate predictions (equilibrium rate)
  • Predicted build / walk Rate for Sliding based on motor bend, hole size and Bit Formation Index
  • Predicated build / walk rates for both push and point the bit rotary steerable systems
  • Take in to account bit aggressiveness and bit type (PDC, rollercone)
  • Vibration analysis calculates Critical RPM