We have a wide selection of motor suppliers in our portfolio dependent on customer needs and budget, these are selected on the design of well, bit specifications and the environmental mud properties specified. Inco-Drilling can provide from 9-5/8” down to 4-3/4” size motors, Standard performance motors, up to Hemi Drill uniform power section for the harsher drilling environments. Our primary motor supplier is NOV.

Inco Drilling is also able to provide the D-Tech Rotary Steerable solutions from 6in to 12 ½” hole sizes. This system is manufactured in the UK since 2008, it has accumulated more than 400 runs and 450,000 meters drilled worldwide.
It has a 3D steering capability and a robust communication using mud flow variations.

Together with our SDT partners we are developing new technologies like Well Point, a downhole adjustable bent housing motor.
It closes the gap between RSS and motor, allowing higher RPMs for optimum hole cleaning and reduce well bore tortuosity.

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